Eyebrow enhancement, sometimes called eyebrow tattoo with professional permanent makeup artist Claire Louise Weymouth, Poole

Eyebrow enhancements

Eyebrow Enhancement

Eyebrows frame the eyes and face. A professionally shaped eyebrow enhancement can give instant lift and emphasis to your eyes giving a more youthful appearance. Individual hairstrokes are drawn into the shape of the brow to give a soft and natural appearance. All sorts of pigments can be used, from the fairest honey blonde to the darkest brown and blacks. Quite often a blend of different pigments is made to suit your skin tone and hair colour giving the most natural appearance.

If you want to proceed there are 2 options

Option 1). You can have a consultation first with Claire Louise at our Weymouth or Poole clinics. Then the eyebrow enhancement at a later date. This gives you the opportunity to talk to with Claire face to face, and see the clinic. You then book your appointment for your eyebrow enhancement which will be around 4 weeks later.

Option 2). You have a Consultation, with the eyebrow enhancement to follow immediately after.  If you go for option 2, Claire will call you first, she will discuss any issues you may have and send you out a medical form and a sensitivity patch test. (this is to determine whether you are allergic to the pigment, this is very rare) This process is obviously quicker.

With either option, you will come back to see Claire 5/6 weeks after your eyebrow enhancement for a fine tuning treatment, which is free of charge.

Once you have completed the sensitivity patch test, you give us a call at that point to pay your £50 deposit. This is then redeemed against the cost of the treatment. The balance can be paid on arrival.

You may also see eyebrow enhancement referred to as an eyebrow tattoo or as semi permanent makeup

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