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Claire originally trained in Permanent Cosmetics back in 2011. She has been a specialist in the field ever since. So you will not catch her on eyelashes and nails one day and tattooing a brow another. She is dedicated to the art with no distractions. She believes that tattooing someones face is a huge responsibility and it has to be right. For her, there is no other option other than total dedication and focus.

Since her basic training, she has attended numerous courses in Advanced brows, lips, eyeliners areola etc…. And has reached a level within the industry that her fellow artists now seek her out as a trainer and mentor. She writes her own training material which she delivers in the clinic to other PMU artists.

Her work is renowned. It has been featured in the likes of the Guardian, BBC and other media outlets.

Claire operates from two state-of-art, licensed and clinical premises in both Weymouth and Poole. They are environments that are suitable for and dedicated to aesthetic treatments. This gives her clients the peace of mind that all environments meet the very rigorous criteria which ensures their safety.


Permanent makeup is the implantation of micro pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The process used is similar to that of a tattoo but there is different content to the pigments used creating softer and earthy tones more suitable for the face. Numbing agents are used through out the process for client comfort.

Permanent makeup can be used to reshape and colour over-plucked eyebrows, it can be used to create beautiful subtle or dramatic eyeliner, or to reinvigorate lips, returning shape and colour. It can also be used medically to recreate Areola lost to mastectomy.

The permanent makeup process is 3 treatments, a consultation, the enhancement and a fine-tuning treatment.


Permanent makeup has many benefits, it is mainly used as a cosmetic purpose, many of my ladies and gentleman have sparse eyebrows due to over-plucking or a medical condition.

There are however many other uses. Did you know for example tattooed makeup is used to recreate the areola for breast cancer patients? or did you know permanent makeup is used for conditions such as Alopecia?

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