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Eyeliner Enhancement

Eyeliner Enhancement Poole and Weymouth. With an Eyeliner enhancement, eyes can be enhanced simply by adding dotting, or a thin line through the lashes, this will give a very natural and soft definition to the eye and make your eyelashes appear more dense. So whether you are working out, swimming or having just woken up you will look your best 24/7. For those wanting a more dramatic eyeliner, this is also possible. Claire has studied Advanced Eye Aesthetics and can create a shape that compliments your eyes and facial structure, making eyes appear larger and more open. For those who love the appearance of wings, this is also an option. This can be anything from a subtle flick to a more dramatic look of Latino style wings. Clients wanting to enhance the colour of their eyes can work with Claire blending specific colours that will bring out the deepest blues, greens or browns. No more panda eyes, just crisp fresh colour!

If you wish to proceed with your eyeliner enhancement there are 2 options;

Option 1) You can have a consultation first with Claire Louise at our Weymouth or Poole clinics, Then the eyeliner enhancement at a later date. This gives you the opportunity to talk to with Claire face to face, and see the clinic. You then book your appointment for your eyeliner enhancement which will be around 4 weeks later.

Option 2) You have a Consultation, with the eyeliner enhancement to follow immediately after.  If you go for option 2, Claire will call you first, she will discuss any issues you may have and send you out a medical form and a sensitivity patch test. (this is to determine whether you are allergic to the pigment, this is very rare) This process is obviously quicker.

With either option, you will come back to see Claire 5/6 weeks after your eyeliner enhancement for a fine-tuning treatment, which is free of charge.

Once you have completed the sensitivity patch test, you give us a call at that point to pay your £50 deposit, which is redeemed against the cost of the treatment

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